Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What does literature reveal about the topic of abortion?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Article With Bias

                In the article, "Arguments Against Abortion" Kerby Anderson, writes about all things that are wrong with getting an abortion. Throughout the article Kerby uses many biases to help strengthen her argument, and prove to people that abortion is a negative action. One form of bias Kerby uses is the focusing effect which is, "the tendency to place too much importance on one aspect of an event." Throughout the novel, Kerby is constantly restating how abortion is considered as going against God, and the bible. Most of Kerby's article is focused around God, and why it is wrong to get an abortion.
                One very important bias Kerby Anderson focused on while she wrote her article was that, "base rate fallacy." The base rate fallacy or base rate neglect is, "the tendency to ignore base rate information (generic, general information) and focus on specific information (information only pertaining to a certain case)." "Arguments Against Abortion" is an article that is focused on one specific topic; abortion. Kerby never falls off topic and throughout each paragraph maintains her original topic of the negative aspects to abortion. Thus, supporting how Kerby Anderson's article contains the base rate fallacy. 
                After reading the rest of Kerby's article, I realized that she created a sense of c
onservatism (also known as Bayesian.) Conservatism is, " the tendency to revise one's belief insufficiently when presented with new evidence." Before reading this article I did not know much about abortion, nor did I have an opinion on it. However, after reading the article I realized that abortion is not one of the best decisions a person could make. I personally don't like the idea of taking away the life of an innocent child, and I think it is unfair for the child, because they did not ask to be brought into the world then taken out of it. I thought this article was really inspiring, and it helped me gain a better view on the negative aspects of abortion.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bucket List Item

✓Completed Bucket List Item✓
              If you don't know what this is, it is called a tsuke. A tsuke is performed on vault, and for a while now I have been wanting to try one. So, today October 19,2014 I went to New England Sports Academy, while they held open gym I went in and got up the guts to try one. I had many failed attempts, but after a couple I finally rotated it enough! It was exhilarating, it felt like I was flying. When I finally accomplished it, I was wicked happy with myself I felt as though I could do anything. My video is above, enjoy:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Noah Taffah

Noah Taffah
Instagram media by noahtaffah8_ - centerback swag 👌 #manbandsandguardstays
          "Your love makes me strong, but your hate makes me unstoppable." These are some of the very words, Noah Taffah lives by everyday. Weather its soccer, or school Noah knows that he is able to succeed in anything he puts his heart to. On August 2, 2000 Julie and Mark Taffah had their first son, Noah Taffah. Noah is currently 14 years old, and a freshman at Norton High School. Noah has a 9 year old sister names Kenza, that he describes as, "a great sister to have, because she loves to have fun and helps me whenever I need her." Noah and Kenza are the only two children in their family, however their family has two Shiba-Inu dogs that they named, Pedi and Penny, who they  love very much.  Noah loves spending time with his family, in-fact this February his family is going on a cruise to Mexico, and he is very excited to have the week away with his family!
          Noah's may have a fear of heights, but that has never stopped him from rising to greatness and becoming the great soccer player his is today. When Noah gets out of school, and finished his homework you can "usually find him at the soccer fields practicing for a game he has coming up." Growing up Noah had an interesting childhood, he broke his right wrist three different times. One time he broke it by falling off a swing, another time he fell off a scooter, and the last time he broke it by shutting it in a car door. But, everytime Noah broke his wrist, he did not let it affect him playing soccer, he still spent all day everyday in the fields, practicing for the day he was aloud to play on the team again. Noah describes soccer as, "his life," he loves soccer so much in fact, Noah wants to become, "a professional soccer player when he grows older." Noah thinks it would be great job to have because he would make tons of money doing what he loves. However, if he does not succeed in that dream, he would like to attend college and become a lawyer. When Noah isn't playing on the soccer field you can find him playing on his Iphone that he got from Walmart. He loves his iphone, because it helps him communicate with his friends, on snapchat, text messaging, or even instagram. Noah also enjoys his Iphone, because it allows him to listen to his favorite music. Noah enjoys music of all types, he can go from, "country music toanything on the popular page of iTunes." Overall, Noah Taffah's life never has a dull moment, and he always lives each moment like his last, with no regrets. 

Monday, September 29, 2014


Incentives are often used to help stimulate a person to perform a certain task. People often use incentives to help govern human behavior. When there is a task that needs to be done, often times people bribe other people to finish the task for them. People will often use money, presents, food, etc, to get that person so finish the task. When the opportunity to earn a prize for completing a task appears, people take the chance. Incentives work by creating meaning for the person to finish the task, because they know that at the end of the task they will receive a great reward. The best incentive to motivate people is money. People always say money cannot buy happiness, but I think that if people knew they would get paid for completing a task their productivity would increase. Money would work as the best incentive, because people like money, they are able to buy whatever they want and whenever they want. Peoples constant need for money would work best at creating a sense of motivation and want for achievement in a person.

I am constantly having aesthetic experiences, but they mostly happen when I am at gymnastics. While I am at gymnastics I have to constantly be on my A- game. I have to be alert, ready to move, and have the power to train. For example, when I am going into a tumbling pass my senses are completely turned on and I have to prepare myself for what I am going to do. Whether it be a round off back handspring back tuck or just a simple round off back handspring. I use my eyes to see whats in from of me, my hands to feel for the floor as I stretch for it in the back handspring. I use my hearing to listen to my coach as he tells me to, "stretch further," or "set higher." I also use my hearing to listen for other children crossing the floor, so I am aware of my surroundings and I don't hit one of the children. Tumbling is a huge part of gymnastics, and i practice it every day so as you can tell, I am constantly having aesthetic experiences. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Long Term Bucket List

Long Term Bucket List
  1. Have a family: Everybody's dream is to marry the girl/boy of their dreams. I want to marry the girl of my dreams, and have 5 children, one set of twin boys, and three girls. I would also like to live on a farm/ranch where we have animals of all kinds, like chickens, goats, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, etc.  
  2. Spend one month in a different country for an entire year. I think spending one month in a new country every month for a year would be cool, because you would get to learn a lot about different countries that you never knew. You could learn about their different cultures, customs, and taste different foods from all around the world.
  3. There is one person who means the world to me, her name is Sara Currivan or as I like to call her, "Scurri." Our friendship started in the 9th grade, and I guess you could say we are inseparable. We are always together in school, even if it means one of us has to change our schedule to match the others, so we share some of the same classes. When we aren't in school together we are texting non-stop, my phone never stop blowing up with texts from her. One important thing for me that  I would like to do before I die is to stay friends with Sara, as we go off to college and even when we grow up and have families of our own. Some may say this does not belong on a bucket list because it technically isn't a task I would like to accomplish before death, but to me it is the most important task I could ever handle. She may even be the one I would like to spend my entire life with, but who really knows?
  4. Attend Endicott College and graduate with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, and one day open a successful hotel chain; like the Ritz Carlton.
  5. Live a successful, peaceful, long, and happy life. Happiness is the key to a successful life. 

Short Term Bucket List

Short-Term Bucket List

  1. Tour Italy with my brother, David: Over the summer of 2014,  my brother David and I decided we would like to go to Italy. He said that we could go once he graduates college, which he does in 2 years, by that time I will be a freshman in college. We would like to visit the Colosseum, the Leaning Tour of Pesa, and the Trevi Fountain. Also, since Italy is know for wine we decided we would tour different vineyards and go wine tasting.
  2. Do a round off back handspring double-back on floor: I have many gymnastics goals I would like to achieve, but getting my double-back on floor is the most important. Double-back tucks on floor seem like a lot of fun, so before I "kick the bucket" I would like to achieve a double-back tuck on floor. 
  3. Become famous on Instagram: I average around 50 likes on my instagram photos, which isn't enough for me. As I am exploring instagram I see people with literally 500+ likes on each photo, and I dont understand how they do it. Here is how I look at it, if I average around 500+ likes on my photos it would make me feel special and important. I think it would be cool if I became instagram famous, and my phone never stopped blowing up with instagram notifications. 
  4. Ever since my first concert this summer me and my cousin decided that we would like to meet a famous singer, and be front row for his/her concert. As long as we like the singers music we don't care who we meet. We think it would be cool to meet a celebrity, because hey who wouldn't want to meet a celebrity? Being front row to a singers concert we like would be awesome and the pictures we would take with the celebrity would create memories we would never forget. 
  5. Over the Summer me and my mother came to an agreement. The agreement we made was, "if I could pay for the registration fee for International Gymnastics Camp, in Pennsylvania I could attend the week long camp." The cost to attend the camp is around $1,200, since the summer I have got a job and started saving up for the camp. I am almost half way there and still saving. I really want to attend this camp, because all day long you train with Olympic gymnasts and do gymnastics. This camp could help prepare me for college gymnastics and also help me achieve goal number one on my bucket list. 
  6. Graduating High School is one of the most important tasks a person could complete. Now-a-days a high school diploma means everything, it is the first step to moving onto college and eventually finding a real job.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

After School High School Sports Programs

         High School students tend to put more effort into their after school sports practices than they do in their education. High School sports should not remain an option for students. The less time the students spend on the field, the more time they will spend studying and doing homework, eventually leading to an increase in academic achievement. High School sports are not an important to the overall well being of a high school student.
”By suspending sports, Singleton realized, he could save $150,000 in one year (Ripley, Amanda. "The Case Against High-School Sports." The Atlantic Oct. 2013: 72-78. Print.)” In 2012, the Premont Independent School District was threatened to be shut down by the state for, “financial mismanagement and academic failure (Ripley, Amanda. “The Case Against High-School Sports." The Atlantic Oct. 2013: 72-78. Print.)” The Schooling District decided to do something drastic, shut down all school sports. They decided that the students were spending to much time focused on sports and not enough time on their school work. Students grades were dropping and more and more people were failing. Also, the school board learned that they could save tons of money by dropping school sports. So, instead of spending $150,000 in sports the school decided to invest that money into the school, and put it towards a better curriculum for the students.
After cutting school sports, Premont High School realized they had better grades and an even higher learning percentage. Since the student no longer had the distraction sports brought upon them they had more time to study, which helped the students achieve good grades. Sports are a more of a distraction then they are helpful. People could argue that sports help people make new friends and relieve stress, but all sports really do is cause a distraction; this distraction leads to the students not doing their homework and not studying for tests, causing the student to get bad grades. Its like a chain reaction, because students have sports they don't do their homework or study, causing students to get bad grades, not allowing the students to get into college.
When Premont took away their sports programs some people may have got mad and sad, in fact some kids transferred to other schools so they could participate in sports after school. But, parents and students don't understand that Premont Independent High School was just trying to help the students succeed and achieve the good grades they are all capable of. In the end, by getting rid of the after school sports programs Premont Independent High School saved lots of money and increased the learning rate in the classroom.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cell Phone Article

Cell Phone's
  •  "You were driving down the highway on a rainy day, when a driver loses control and slams right into you. After you are done spinning out, you reach for your cell phone; with the last amount of energy you have left to call 911."
  • " April 20th 1999, the awful Columbine High School Shooting. Two students opened fire on many innocent people that day. Frantic 911 calls were made. Dispatchers and parents were on the line with students using their cell phones to call out for help. Imagine the heart ache if you knew someone dear to you was in danger and you had no way to reach them."
  • "They concluded that drivers that were using cell phones exhibited greater impairment than intoxicated drivers. So yes, cell phones DO pose potential threats."
  • "In a study published by the AEI-Brookings Joint Center, a team of researchers compared the effects of driving while talking on the phone and driving while drunk."
  • " Hilary Davis a journalist for The Rocky Mountain College paper says cell phones can save lives."
  • "Some, like Bruce Newman; an editor for an AAA magazine, say cell phones pose too much danger; especially on the roads."
  • "Chelsey Fortner was watching the news that catastrophic day. She didn't own a cell phone at the time, but this got her thinking. If she were in a similar situation, god forbid, wouldn't she want to reach out to her family too?"
 To read this very persuasive article on cell phones click this hyperlink:

Monday, September 8, 2014

My Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeves:
1.) People who chew like cows- Have you ever been eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner when all of a sudden someone sits down next to you and starts smacking on their food? They sound like a cow! This is my top pet peeve, because it really makes lunch unenjoyable and the sound of it is down right disgusting.
2.) Commas- I don't understand where to put commas. There are many places throughout a piece of writing where you are suppose to use commas and I can never remember where they go. For example: 1.) to separate the elements in a series (three or more things.) 2.) Use a comma + a little conjunction (and, but, for, nor, yet, or, so) to connect two independent clauses. See, there are way to many places to put commas.
3.) "Like"- It really annoys me when people who use the word "like" in like every sentence or every other word. It like gets like so annoying.  Like I can't even stand it because it distracts me from the conversation I'm trying to have. It makes the person seem like they don't know what they are trying to say. 
4.) People who eat off my plate- This happens to me every time I'm at a party. I get a huge plate of all the food I like. Then, all of a sudden someone comes over and says, "oh that looks good" then reaches onto my plate and takes some of my food when there is clearly more than enough food to go around. "Excuse me? Did I tell you that you could have some of my food? No, alright then who told you it was okay for you to take some of my food, because it sure wasn't me. Now go walk into the kitchen and get some of your own food."
5.) People who can't hold conversations- I love talking!  In fact my mom calls me, "motor mouth." What really grinds my gears is when I try and talk to somebody and all they do is respond with "okay and yeah" as if they aren't interested in talking to me. I like when my conversations flow from one topic to the next. I can't keep the flow going when people don't respond or they respond with an "okay." It leaves me with nothing to go into. So, if you decide you want to have a conversation with me be prepared to discuss a variety of topics and have many questions on hand.
6.) "Backflip"- There is no such thing as a backflip. The proper term is called a back tuck. This is a personal pet peeve of mine because as a gymnast I always get asked, "can you do a standing backflip?" I always answer with the same thing, "No, but I can do a standing back tuck." I just feel as though everyone should know the proper gymnastics terminology.  
(Me doing a standing back tuck on the beach)