Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Short Term Bucket List

Short-Term Bucket List

  1. Tour Italy with my brother, David: Over the summer of 2014,  my brother David and I decided we would like to go to Italy. He said that we could go once he graduates college, which he does in 2 years, by that time I will be a freshman in college. We would like to visit the Colosseum, the Leaning Tour of Pesa, and the Trevi Fountain. Also, since Italy is know for wine we decided we would tour different vineyards and go wine tasting.
  2. Do a round off back handspring double-back on floor: I have many gymnastics goals I would like to achieve, but getting my double-back on floor is the most important. Double-back tucks on floor seem like a lot of fun, so before I "kick the bucket" I would like to achieve a double-back tuck on floor. 
  3. Become famous on Instagram: I average around 50 likes on my instagram photos, which isn't enough for me. As I am exploring instagram I see people with literally 500+ likes on each photo, and I dont understand how they do it. Here is how I look at it, if I average around 500+ likes on my photos it would make me feel special and important. I think it would be cool if I became instagram famous, and my phone never stopped blowing up with instagram notifications. 
  4. Ever since my first concert this summer me and my cousin decided that we would like to meet a famous singer, and be front row for his/her concert. As long as we like the singers music we don't care who we meet. We think it would be cool to meet a celebrity, because hey who wouldn't want to meet a celebrity? Being front row to a singers concert we like would be awesome and the pictures we would take with the celebrity would create memories we would never forget. 
  5. Over the Summer me and my mother came to an agreement. The agreement we made was, "if I could pay for the registration fee for International Gymnastics Camp, in Pennsylvania I could attend the week long camp." The cost to attend the camp is around $1,200, since the summer I have got a job and started saving up for the camp. I am almost half way there and still saving. I really want to attend this camp, because all day long you train with Olympic gymnasts and do gymnastics. This camp could help prepare me for college gymnastics and also help me achieve goal number one on my bucket list. 
  6. Graduating High School is one of the most important tasks a person could complete. Now-a-days a high school diploma means everything, it is the first step to moving onto college and eventually finding a real job.

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