Monday, September 29, 2014


Incentives are often used to help stimulate a person to perform a certain task. People often use incentives to help govern human behavior. When there is a task that needs to be done, often times people bribe other people to finish the task for them. People will often use money, presents, food, etc, to get that person so finish the task. When the opportunity to earn a prize for completing a task appears, people take the chance. Incentives work by creating meaning for the person to finish the task, because they know that at the end of the task they will receive a great reward. The best incentive to motivate people is money. People always say money cannot buy happiness, but I think that if people knew they would get paid for completing a task their productivity would increase. Money would work as the best incentive, because people like money, they are able to buy whatever they want and whenever they want. Peoples constant need for money would work best at creating a sense of motivation and want for achievement in a person.

I am constantly having aesthetic experiences, but they mostly happen when I am at gymnastics. While I am at gymnastics I have to constantly be on my A- game. I have to be alert, ready to move, and have the power to train. For example, when I am going into a tumbling pass my senses are completely turned on and I have to prepare myself for what I am going to do. Whether it be a round off back handspring back tuck or just a simple round off back handspring. I use my eyes to see whats in from of me, my hands to feel for the floor as I stretch for it in the back handspring. I use my hearing to listen to my coach as he tells me to, "stretch further," or "set higher." I also use my hearing to listen for other children crossing the floor, so I am aware of my surroundings and I don't hit one of the children. Tumbling is a huge part of gymnastics, and i practice it every day so as you can tell, I am constantly having aesthetic experiences. 

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