Monday, September 8, 2014

My Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeves:
1.) People who chew like cows- Have you ever been eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner when all of a sudden someone sits down next to you and starts smacking on their food? They sound like a cow! This is my top pet peeve, because it really makes lunch unenjoyable and the sound of it is down right disgusting.
2.) Commas- I don't understand where to put commas. There are many places throughout a piece of writing where you are suppose to use commas and I can never remember where they go. For example: 1.) to separate the elements in a series (three or more things.) 2.) Use a comma + a little conjunction (and, but, for, nor, yet, or, so) to connect two independent clauses. See, there are way to many places to put commas.
3.) "Like"- It really annoys me when people who use the word "like" in like every sentence or every other word. It like gets like so annoying.  Like I can't even stand it because it distracts me from the conversation I'm trying to have. It makes the person seem like they don't know what they are trying to say. 
4.) People who eat off my plate- This happens to me every time I'm at a party. I get a huge plate of all the food I like. Then, all of a sudden someone comes over and says, "oh that looks good" then reaches onto my plate and takes some of my food when there is clearly more than enough food to go around. "Excuse me? Did I tell you that you could have some of my food? No, alright then who told you it was okay for you to take some of my food, because it sure wasn't me. Now go walk into the kitchen and get some of your own food."
5.) People who can't hold conversations- I love talking!  In fact my mom calls me, "motor mouth." What really grinds my gears is when I try and talk to somebody and all they do is respond with "okay and yeah" as if they aren't interested in talking to me. I like when my conversations flow from one topic to the next. I can't keep the flow going when people don't respond or they respond with an "okay." It leaves me with nothing to go into. So, if you decide you want to have a conversation with me be prepared to discuss a variety of topics and have many questions on hand.
6.) "Backflip"- There is no such thing as a backflip. The proper term is called a back tuck. This is a personal pet peeve of mine because as a gymnast I always get asked, "can you do a standing backflip?" I always answer with the same thing, "No, but I can do a standing back tuck." I just feel as though everyone should know the proper gymnastics terminology.  
(Me doing a standing back tuck on the beach)

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  1. Im guilty for number 3 because i do it in almost every sentence