Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Noah Taffah

Noah Taffah
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          "Your love makes me strong, but your hate makes me unstoppable." These are some of the very words, Noah Taffah lives by everyday. Weather its soccer, or school Noah knows that he is able to succeed in anything he puts his heart to. On August 2, 2000 Julie and Mark Taffah had their first son, Noah Taffah. Noah is currently 14 years old, and a freshman at Norton High School. Noah has a 9 year old sister names Kenza, that he describes as, "a great sister to have, because she loves to have fun and helps me whenever I need her." Noah and Kenza are the only two children in their family, however their family has two Shiba-Inu dogs that they named, Pedi and Penny, who they  love very much.  Noah loves spending time with his family, in-fact this February his family is going on a cruise to Mexico, and he is very excited to have the week away with his family!
          Noah's may have a fear of heights, but that has never stopped him from rising to greatness and becoming the great soccer player his is today. When Noah gets out of school, and finished his homework you can "usually find him at the soccer fields practicing for a game he has coming up." Growing up Noah had an interesting childhood, he broke his right wrist three different times. One time he broke it by falling off a swing, another time he fell off a scooter, and the last time he broke it by shutting it in a car door. But, everytime Noah broke his wrist, he did not let it affect him playing soccer, he still spent all day everyday in the fields, practicing for the day he was aloud to play on the team again. Noah describes soccer as, "his life," he loves soccer so much in fact, Noah wants to become, "a professional soccer player when he grows older." Noah thinks it would be great job to have because he would make tons of money doing what he loves. However, if he does not succeed in that dream, he would like to attend college and become a lawyer. When Noah isn't playing on the soccer field you can find him playing on his Iphone that he got from Walmart. He loves his iphone, because it helps him communicate with his friends, on snapchat, text messaging, or even instagram. Noah also enjoys his Iphone, because it allows him to listen to his favorite music. Noah enjoys music of all types, he can go from, "country music toanything on the popular page of iTunes." Overall, Noah Taffah's life never has a dull moment, and he always lives each moment like his last, with no regrets. 

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  1. I love the quote at the beginning and how much he loves soccer